4 Years Later: Thank you!

4 years later

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we started blogging at Youth Apologetics Network and producing books here at Picture Book Apologetics! That’s crazy talk, since it feels like it can’t have been more than a year? Then again, in those 4 years, we’ve posted 70 blogs, started up Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, and produced 5 children’s books (9 if you count the translated versions, and 11 if you count the 2 that will drop before the end of this year!). Not to mention the 2 children that have joined our family during that time. I suppose it really HAS been 4 years.

The Kickstarter project that started it all came to a close on August 30, 2013, and since then we’ve been blessed to meet other likeminded Christians who believe that children are not only ABLE to grasp apologetics concepts but actually WANT to learn them! We’re so grateful for each of you, whether you’ve walked alongside us from the beginning or we’ve only recently been introduced, and I wanted to tell you that today.


God is faithful to raise up workers and to provide for those He has called. Thank you for being a part of that work. We look forward to seeing the ways the Lord will continue to meet the needs of the next generation, and how our present generation will contribute to that work.

The Next 4 Years