What People Are Saying about Picture Book Apologetics

Recommended by Women in Apologetics, Mama Bear Apologetics, Minno Kids, Natasha Crain, Foundation Worldview, and more.

“If you have kids in the 5-8 age range, start here! They talk about concepts at the most basic level, and have sweet, simple pictures to capture a young child’s imagination.”
Natasha Crain –Mother and author of Faithfully Different and Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side.

“Highly recommend this book! […] Great material to teach your kids about apologetics!”
Jennifer B. – Mother of 5, and former elementary school teacher

“What I love about this book is that while your child is learning an important truth about God, they’re also growing in their ability to use higher logic (plus it keeps us parents sharp too!).”
Jack Crabtree – Father and author of Tipping Our Kings: Finding the Truth in a World Full of Options

“The Fox and the Hard Day is an impressive entry in the series “Picture Book Apologetics.” Once again, the authors have provided a readable, easy-to-understand introduction to a difficult topic. The additional resources and reading provide a great baseline for more investigation. I recommend it!”
J.W. Wartick – jwwartick.com

“Awesome! I wish there were more books like this for children…this is truly a gem.”
Amazon Reviewer –Pitfalls: A Quick Guide to Logical Fallacies for Families

“These books help them to grasp ideas in their simplest kernel form. Later, these foundational ideas will help them understand apologetic concepts useful for evangelism.”
Dave Brown –Christian Apologist

Ruth, James and Pooch

Athanasius the Cat