Fox and the Hard Day – Problem of Evil


Picture Book Apologetics with James & Ruth:
Responding to the Problem of Evil

While James and Ruth talk about their hard day, a cynical fox appears and challenges their belief in God with the problem of evil. How can they believe God is all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful when there is so much pain and evil in the world? Fox and the Hard Day will encourage deep conversations, help equip children with faith-strengthening tools, and embolden them to defend their Christian beliefs from an early age.

Fox and the Hard Day – Problem of Evil Features:

  • Hand drawn ink and digitally painted illustrations fill 34 full-color pages with intriguing creatures and characters.
  • This story explores a series of questions about why there is so much evil in the world when God is allegedly all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful.
  • Includes helpful adult-oriented pages with a deeper explanation of the content, activity suggestions, and suggested resources.
  • Spanish translation coming soon.
  • Will pair nicely with our forthcoming book Pooch and the Pearly Gates: A look at the Biblical Heaven.

Book Trailer