Pitfalls – Logical Fallacy Guide


Picture Book Apologetics:
A Quick Guide to Identifying Logical Fallacies for Families

This handy book presents logical fallacies with easy to understand language and engaging illustrated examples. It’s the perfect reference guide for families! What IS a logical fallacy? Simply put, it’s an error (innocent or not) in reasoning. Learning to identify and avoid logical pitfalls is an important part of learning to think and communicate well.


  • Hand drawn ink and digital illustrations fill 34 full-color pages with intriguing creatures and characters.
  • 24 logical fallacies are presented with bite-sized, memorable examples.
  • Written in simple, inviting terms.
  • A great jumping-off point for families interested in thinking well.
  • Coming soon for Kindle.
  • Read a review here.
  • A recommended children’s apologetics book by author Natasha Crain.


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