Pooch and the Pearly Gates – A Story About Heaven & the New Earth


Picture Book Apologetics with James & Ruth:
Responding to the Problem of Evil

While James and Ruth are playing outside, they talk excitedly about their forever home. A confused pooch questions their excitement. Isn’t heaven just a boring old place with fluffy clouds? Who would look forward to going there? Join them as they think carefully about what they believe and why they believe it, and defend what they know to be true. Pooch and the Pearly Gates will encourage deep conversations, help equip children with faith-strengthening tools, and embolden them to defend their Christian beliefs from an early age.

Pooch and the Pearly Gates – A Story About Heaven & the New Earth Features:

  • Hand drawn ink and digitally painted illustrations fill 34 full-color pages with intriguing creatures and characters.
  • This story explores the heaven and new earth that are promised to believers in the Bible. It addresses several common misunderstandings and clarifies who will be allowed in God’s presence.
  • Includes pages for adults with a deeper explanation of the content and suggested resources.
  • Spanish translation coming soon.
  • Pairs nicely with our problem of evil book Fox and the Hard Day.